About Jon Ralls

Jon Ralls


I live and work primarily in Bristol which I love, and where I actively support a variety of local initiatives, particularly In-Rhythm, DMAC UK (Dance, Music, Arts Collective), Tribe of Doris, Happy City, and the Bristol Pound.

Freelance since 1994, I set up wwwolf in the early 1990s as a vehicle for creative online collaborations, mainly in website design and development, and facilitation of ‘asynchronous’ online discussion fora; in time this expanded into a variety of communications and IT-related areas.

A few things I do / have done

  • web developer – I work primarily in WordPress, building websites using a combination of carefully chosen plugins and customised CSS, PHP and HTML;
  • web designer – while I like to work with other professionals, I also design simple sites myself, especially where needs are straightforward and the budget limited (I did it all myself for years, but teamwork is a lot more fun);
  • information science – an MSc from City University taught about structuring and accessing information, especially how to help people find out what they need (first!), and then find it;
  • information technology – since about 1976, including programming, hardware, and small office networks (I still do some Mac IT support); always focussed on technology as a tool;
  • training & facilitation – as a co-trainer with Be The Change Initiative I learned about group work, about myself – and made wonderful and enduring connections;
  • journalism – as researcher, ultimately Editor of an investment management journal, I still engage with content as well as the geekery, with an eye for typos and grammatical howlers 😉
  • teaching – I wrote and facilitated the Holistic Economics module of the Centre for Human Ecology‘s MSc course (my first degree was Natural Sciences and Economics… and I rebelled early);
  • banking & finance – first in a retail bank, then in the City of London, as a consultant/data-cruncher in institutional investment management.

I am a dancer, and am so lucky to be able to combine this with my work! See in-rhythm.com for more.

And I wrote and recorded music, was a (very) amateur body-builder then keen cyclist, and am passionate about certain Japanese animation (particularly the films of Studio Ghibli) and the extraordinary writings of the late Ursula K Le Guin and (yes, a cliche for a geek) Sir Terry Pratchett.

I have learned a lot from wolves, not all of it pretty, all of it powerful.
See, for example: livingwithwolves.org


This is the first age that ever paid attention to the future which is a little ironic since we may not have one.
Arthur C Clarke