Bristol-based ethical
web development

Bringing together expertise and experience in designing and building websites since 1997, we know that process is fundamental to results.

About wwwolf

wwwolf is about relationship – about working together to create your website. One key to this is successful communication. We love to:

  • de-mystify, and cut through the jargon;
  • identify what’s important, and concentrate time and energy there;
  • identify what’s obvious and can be informal, and what isn’t, and would benefit from rigour.

While based in Bristol, wwwolf also has clients elsewhere in South-West England, in London, and as far afield as the Scottish Islands and even the U.S.A.

TinCat Design logoCollaboration

  • We work with you to deliver what you need, within your budget, and continue to maintain and evolve your online presence over time.
  • We work with a pack of professionals, and without the kind of overheads associated with large design houses – and we have nearly 20 years’ experience of working this way.


  • are fundamental to us – excellence, transparency, honesty, and ownership (yours!) – it’s hard to put into words – have a chat if you want to know more about what that means in practice.

Appropriate tools & techniques

  • Web development is, strictly speaking, the techie end of things – making it work. It’s a joy to work with a really good designer, and to take their design and really bring it to life.
  • Reference interview techniques derived from information science can feel as simple as a chat over a cup of coffee. Large and complex projects can benefit from elaborate structured processes, but for smaller ones, why spend weeks (and a fortune) modelling the obvious?
  • We mainly work with WordPress, keeping things as simple as possible, but also going ‘under the hood’ to work with the underlying technologies (known as ‘LAMP’ – Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) when necessary.

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… great work. We very much appreciate all your dedication and hard work to get us up and running.
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