TinCat Design logowwwolf principally collaborates with:

  • TinCat Design – “Inspirational design that you’ll love.”
    Inspired and inspiring graphic design and illustration, not only of websites, but also overall branding – logos, stationery, infographics etc… including wwwolf’s new branding, and this website!
    wwwolf is proud to be among TinCat’s ‘paw-picked professionals’.

Bristol is alive with freelance creatives and, working in and around Stokes Croft, we hang out with many on a regular basis, whether or not we are working together. wwwolf can therefore find designers, project managers, filmmakers, specialist web developers, marketing strategists, various kinds of consultant… whatever we need to put together the team needed for exciting creations, and at sensible budgets, since working this way is not only flexible but also avoids many of the overheads of integrated design houses.

We have recently enjoyed working with:

… among others:

  • Writing Riot – copy writing, proof reading, and general wizardry with words – again, not only on websites but also integrating social media and blogging strategies etc. as well as printed media.
  • Glow Consulting – sometimes the process of a new website reveals deeper issues around your purpose, direction, branding… this is good news, and who better to help you unpack them and take things to a new level?
  • Coen de Groot – programmer, web developer, project manager and coach – he’s the man I’d call on if your project is sufficiently large and complex that it needs complex coding elements, and/or someone explicitly managing and coordinating the team.


… great work. We very much appreciate all your dedication and hard work to get us up and running.
A Happy Website Client