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wwwolf works with you to create a website you love – an online home that’s really you, to which you are confident and proud to invite people – and we support you to keep it up to date, vibrant and secure. How do we do all that?


We need to understand each other at every stage along the way… it’s our responsibility to ensure that you get what you need within your budget. If doing it is complicated and esoteric, it’s our problem not yours. And, incidentally, we make sure that we can deliver what you need, and are clear and honest if you actually need to look elsewhere.


You meet everyone who is going to work on your site, and you can be confident that, through co-working, we each focus on the things we do well. Our loose pack makes an appropriate skill-set available as required, without the overheads of a big design house (we work especially closely with TinCat Design for graphic design and user interface/experience).


You choose at what level you want to engage with ongoing updates and maintenance, once the site is launched. We like to stay engaged, and provide ongoing support, but you, the client, have complete control – you have all the passwords for your hosting accounts etc. should you ever want to do anything yourself, or go elsewhere.

The internet can be a tangled and bewildering place…
what if the wolves were on your side?


It’s good to have fur and teeth – to welcome friends and keep out intruders. We take security very seriously, both to keep your site live, and to stop it being used to attack others, possibly without you even knowing. It’s like fitting a decent lock on your front door – there’s a lot we can do to secure your online home without spending a fortune.

Ongoing support

Why know a wolf and howl yourself?
A website is a living thing, and we can help you keep it vibrant, safe and working well. It’s all about relationship – working out what it makes sense for you to do, and the chewier stuff you leave to us – which is different for everybody… so the answer is…
We howl together, and it’s fun and productive!

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… great work. We very much appreciate all your dedication and hard work to get us up and running.
A Happy Website Client