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Campaign for a Scottish Parliament




I agree that there should be a Scottish Parliament


I agree that a Scottish Parliament should have tax-varying powers




Campaign for a Scottish Parliament
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After the referendum...Whither the CSP?

Where the Parliament Building?

Welcome to the CSP Homepage....

If you are not a SCOT you may want to find out Who We Are.

If you are a Scot but are not quite sure what we are going on about or feel that you would like a little refresher course on the Scottish political scene - you might start with the one above and move on to the Claim of Right one of the great historic documents of our time.

For fifteen years, the Campaign for a Scottish Parliament has kept the case for Scottish home rule on the political agenda. The CSP encourages politicians from different parties, and others, to put partisan conflict aside and agree on a detailed blueprint for a powerful Scottish Parliament.

We urge you, don't just sit back and watch as our country's history is being made. As the Bill makes its may through the Westminster parliament, this remains as important as before the referendum. Join the Campaign and make it happen!

For more detailed information on a number of issues surrounding the home rule movement then try the following links:

Other organisations and campaigns

Not an exhaustive list by a long way, but one or two which are particularly relevant.

The For more links to other interesting sites, there are several useful link pages including the Scottish Politics Pages. Here you will find referendum results broken out by unitary authority, as well as links to the sites of various political parties and other campaigning organisations. Scottish Politics Pages logo
Scotland FORward logo The Scotland FORward campaign for a 'YES-YES' vote in the referendum. Here you will find detailed referendum results.
The Women's Double Yes Campaign on Engender's site looks at the campaign for gender equality in the Parliament, and has an excellent short summary of some key gender-related issues that will face it. Women's Fifty-Fifty logo

Contacting the CSP

Write/phone/fax to:

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For information, comments and contributions regarding the Bill and Westminster legislation on the Scottish Parliament. For comments and contributions to the CSP Newsletter. For all other information requests, membership info, comments and contributions for Briefing and Education Packs and about the Parliament Building(s).


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