Web development portfolio – simplified

Recent WordPress sites from wwwolf:

The same as on the main Portfolio page, but as a simple list.

Latest additions:

Using the very latest version of Responsive Pro, together with the Elementor plugin:

And before that, using a previous version:

(All collaborations with TinCat Design; will be added to portfolio below in due course)

Selected portfolio:

  • Friars Moor Vets website - HomeFriars Moor Vets
    We’re particularly proud of this site – once again based on Responsive Pro, with quite a lot going on ‘under the hood’, but deceptively simple to the user. Once again, we’ve had a lot of great feedback ๐Ÿ™‚ Explore…
    (There’s also a second site, based on the same design and framework, for one of Friars Moor’s initiatives, the Dairy Sheep & Goat Consultancy and Conference.)
    Design: TinCat Design
    Platform: WordPress
  • Miller Green – vegan food deliveryLeafy Green website
    Lovely business, lovely people, lovely food… and a lovely website with some neat simple features.
    Built using a customised Responsive template, with client-editable tables to change menu offerings daily. Designed to evolve with the business, there’s space for events and a growing image gallery. It is responsive, working well on a variety of devices – the ‘blackboards’ hang from each other on narrow screens, and phone number becomes tappable button ๐Ÿ™‚
    Design: TinCat Design
    Platform: WordPress
  • Mack’s Frankenwein – wine importsMack's Frankewein website
    The brief for this site was ‘classy, while remaining friendly and personal’, and Tincat Design achieved this beautifully. Built by customising a standard Responsive theme, implementation was trickier than it looked – the lovely simple result is rewarding (as is consumption of Helmut’s wonderful products!)
    Design: TinCat Design
    Platform: WordPress
  • In-Rhythm – 5 Rhythms dance classes & workshopsIn-Rhythm website
    Close to my heart – my passion… and my other work! A fun and dynamic site, using a different theme from usual.
    Design: Jon Ralls & Bernadette Ryder
    Platform: WordPress
  • Challenging CoachingChallenging Coaching website and John Blakey – The Trusted Executive
    Challenging Coaching is a redesign of a site originally built by wwwolf to support the launch of the book. Following the rebuild, one of the authors asked us to use essentially the same design for his personal site (image to come), so now there are two ‘sister sites’ using the same mechanisms – Responsive Pro as the underlying theme, but with substantial customisation and plugins to work in a very different way. We’re rather chuffed with these.
    Design: TinCat Design
    Platform: WordPress
  • Kilmichael Deluxe Cottages – Isle of ArranArran Luxury Cottages website
    Beautiful high-end cottages on the Isle of Arran (associated with Kilmichael House Hotel – a site we have managedfor many years). Brief was to replicate an existing (non-WordPress) design exactly, but using WordPress – which was challenging, fun… and successful!
    Original Design: Steve Mackins (no longer doing websites)
    Platform: WordPress
  • Confident Philanthropy – consultancyConfident Philanthropy website
    Simplicity was the watchword here – and a little unconventional yet easy to use. Lovely design by TinCat and, again starting from the basic Responsive theme, another deceptively simple and easily navigable result, behaving well on a variety of platforms, using cunning behaviour of background images ๐Ÿ™‚
    Design: TinCat Design
    Platform: WordPress
  • Medicine Dance – 5 Rhythms dance-based events & workshopsMedicine Dance website
    A collaborative body of work by two amazing dance teachers, Bernadette Ryder and Dawn Morgan. Simple sites, for roughly twice-yearly events for which we run the admin, promo, communications and onsite organisation โ€“ it shows only most recent/forthcoming event, and links through to Eventbrite for larger events.
    Design: based on flyer by Ben Jarlett
    Platform: WordPress
    [site mothballed, as no further events currently planned]
  • Glow Consulting – facilitating transformationGlow Consulting website
    Though this site has now been superceded, it’s still shown here as we remain especially proud of it โ€“ a real team effort: the client’s focus, brilliant graphic design, wwwolf implementation, in Coen de Groot’s customised hosting environment.
    Design: TinCat Design
    Platform: hand coded
  • Transition Expertise – executive coachingTransition Expertise website
    Executive coaching ‘plus’. Brief was โ€˜clean and professionalโ€™ very much for the big corporates market โ€“ uses some interesting plug-ins/scripting.
    Design: TinCat Design
    Platform: WordPress
  • wwwolf – web development & morewwwolf home page screen grab
    Last, and by no means least – this website is part of a full rebrand for wwwolf by TinCat Design and we absolutely LOVE IT! ๐Ÿ™‚ The site is again a customised Responsive site, demonstrating use of some sophisticated techniques to achieve a beautiful, fun, clean, and simple user experience.
    (As with the others, ‘View Site’ will open it in another tab/window, to look around without leaving this page.)
    Design: TinCat Design
    Platform: WordPress

Some other sites of interest:

  • I have also worked ‘under the hood’ updating the Euro Coach List Conference site, including its eCommerce online booking facilities.
    Design, build & project management: Coen de Groot.
    Platform: Drupal.
  • Kilmichael Country House Hotel – quite an old site now, yet still feeling fresh and still getting very good feedback – even though the hotel is currently closed.
    Design: wwwolf, using elements of previous site by Stone Circle Design;
    Platform: Hand coded.

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